Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cheeks & chokes?

What's this ad for again? Canned artichokes? 
Uh, yeah... not sure I get the connection between butt cheeks and artichokes. Come on people, can't you be a little more creative?!


red said...

At least with the airconditioning ads they can justify the naked girl right??? Oh dear, oh dear.

erin :: the olive notes said...

HAHA! I don't even know what to think when I see ads like this...but you're right, they're everywhere and make no sense.

Kataroma said...

I was going to blog about this but you beat me to it. The sexy food ads are pretty funny.

Leanne said...

You don't see the connection? Come on! I think the ad is trying to tell us that this modern day farmer girl lost her clothes whilst trying to pick wild artichokes for us to eat... Poor lass... Or maybe she is so poor she cannot afford clothes and we have to buy this product to help her afford a to?

Miss Expatria said...

not only that - she's wearing LEAOPARD PRINT undies. wtf?

Romerican said...

Red- At least it's a tad more "rational", isn't it?

Erin- T&A in advertising is omnipresent in this country. It's mind boggling to me.

Kataroma- great minds thing alike ;)

Leanne- Right, and she went and got a tattoo of an artichoke after picking said artichokes... hahahha

Miss E- exactly, it's that small detail that threw me off even more!

Nancy - Girl in Giro said...

and of course they write "a natural desire". but don't get me started on the bjectification of women...

Alex said...

The connection is obvious. You are a woman. You buy this product, and your man will see you as the beauty you are, and treat you accordingly.

Just put on those leopard skin panties the evening that you serve those magic artichokes and wait for them to take effect.

Oh er, I never thought artichokes were an aphrodisiac!

You live, you learn. You eat.