Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diary of a commuter

The "trenino" that goes from Fara Sabina to Fiumicino (and vice versa) never ceases to amaze. Here's a summary of my week of commuting from Trastevere to Tiburtina:

Day 1
Outbound: on time
Inbound: 8 minutes late, train breaks down at Ostiense, change trains

Day 2
Outbound: 15 minutes late
Inbound: 12 minutes late

Day 3
Outbound: 5 minutes late
Inbound: 20 minutes late

Day 4
Outbound: on time
Inbound: on time

Day 5
Outbound: 25 minutes late
Inbound: on time

Day 6
Outbound: 10 minutes late
Inbound: 5 minutes late

Day 7
Outbound: on time
Inbound: 27 minutes late

and then they wonder why people don't buy tickets...