Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diary of a commuter

The "trenino" that goes from Fara Sabina to Fiumicino (and vice versa) never ceases to amaze. Here's a summary of my week of commuting from Trastevere to Tiburtina:

Day 1
Outbound: on time
Inbound: 8 minutes late, train breaks down at Ostiense, change trains

Day 2
Outbound: 15 minutes late
Inbound: 12 minutes late

Day 3
Outbound: 5 minutes late
Inbound: 20 minutes late

Day 4
Outbound: on time
Inbound: on time

Day 5
Outbound: 25 minutes late
Inbound: on time

Day 6
Outbound: 10 minutes late
Inbound: 5 minutes late

Day 7
Outbound: on time
Inbound: 27 minutes late

and then they wonder why people don't buy tickets...


Project Manager said...

Train in vain. Figuratively and literally. What mortal, outside of perhaps Bono, has the ability to simultaneously laugh and cry? At least “the trenino was late” card can be easily played at your leisure regardless of whether the statement is fact or fiction!

Romerican said...

Good idea, I may as well milk the late trenino situation for all it's worth!