Friday, August 26, 2011

Get your sh#t together

I'm not in the mood for this, Rome... get your shit together. Today is one of those days when I wish I could smack Rome upside the head.
After weeks of non-stop work, obscene temperatures, and August annoyances, I finally managed to find some time to do something non-work related! I pretty much missed all of the outdoor cinema events this year, but was very eager to go see at least one film that was part of the Unità d'Italia celebrations- not because I'm a patriot but because they were showing some damn good Italian classics.
So I made a point to take a break from work in order to go and pick up the free tickets* by 7:00 PM as it said on the websites that publicized the event:
"L’ingresso alla manifestazione è libero e i biglietti d'ingresso potranno essere ritirati gratuitamente entro le 19 a Palazzo Valentini. In più, il tagliando d’ingresso darà diritto, fino al 12 agosto, a cenare a prezzi ridotti all'Enoteca provinciale prima della proiezione. I film avranno inizio alle 21."

I get there and am told tickets will be available FROM 7:00 PM as opposed to until 7:00 PM. Now, I know my brain may be burnt out after redonkulous hours of work but I am far too OCD to mess up a detail like this so I whip out my beloved iPhone and show the "guard lady" the website with the info. At this point, after giving me attitude as if I were some fool, she finally says: "Oh yes, we know the info online is wrong but there's nobody here to give you the tickets anyway". Blood boiling (also due to the unbearable temperatures), I look at her and say: "This is ridiculous. People take time out of their schedule to come here and you can't even publish the correct info?". She shrugs her shoulders and says: "It happened to a lot of people". Yeah, real reassuring. That just makes you seems like bigger assholes because you knew the info was wrong but didn't bother to adjust it. So now, I will head back there again after 7:00 PM in hopes of finding tickets.

Grrrrrr.... just one of those days.

*someone has to explain to me WHY we have to go pick up tickets ahead of time for free events. If it's on first come-first serve basis anyway, then just do it right then and there instead of making people line up twice. It's such an annoying waste of time.


rinaz said...

Woah, what a bitch. I'll help you to mentally strangle her

Romerican said...

Thanks Rinaz! You distract her so I can sneak up behind and strangle her ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I just hate the menefreghista stupid attitude here to doing the most simplest of things- just do it right!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that there are a lot of things wrong with Rome, and when situations like the one you talk about in this anecdote happen, my blood boils a bit too. But isn't yours supposed to be a love/hate relationship with Rome? Looking through your blog, there's a lot of hate, and very little love. Admit that in many ways, you're lucky to live in such a beautiful capital where, yes, some things are frustrating, offensive and wrong, but despite these most people I know who choose to live here feel more delighted than downtrodden.

Romerican said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for your anonymous comment! Let’s clear up a few things: there are tons of blogs that do nothing but sing Italy’s praises, mine is not one of them and if that’s what you’re looking for then you should go elsewhere.
I opted to show “another” side of Italy, the side of Italy that lots of people might not know because they don’t live here or spend extended periods of time here. It's the darker side of Italy, shall we say. Like any place, Rome has many pros and cons. I’m revealing the cons. That said, this in no way, shape or form means that I spend each waking day hating on Italy, I sure as hell wouldn’t be here after 10 years if that were the case, don’t ya think? I use this blog to vent my annoyances, hence that is why many of the posts address annoyances.

And FYI- “lucky” has nothing to do with it. I CHOSE to live here and I work hard to stay here, I make sacrifices and compromises in order to do so (which is the case with any relationship- be it with a city or with a human being). Just because I don’t often write about my “love” moments with Rome does not mean that I have none, that’s a silly assumption on your part.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Creating a blog where you only vent seems rather childish as it does not take in consideration the big picture, which one would expect an adult to do.

Romerican said...

Dear ‪Anonymous‬ #2

I'm sorry you & Anonymous #1 don't have a sense of humor.
I think it's "rather childish" for you to assume that what I write here on my blog (which you are not obliged to read, BTW) reflects 100% of my daily thoughts. As I already said to Anonymous #1, just because I write about the annoying shit doesn't mean that's all I see, nor does it mean I have a miserable existence in Rome.
So according to your reasoning- bloggers who only write about the joys and pleasures of life in Rome would also be childish because they aren't giving readers the "big picture". Come on, gimme a break.

Miss Expatria said...

OMG, I'm sorry those anonymous commenters are jealous you live in Rome. They should try it some time.

Anyway, what I really want to say is that the thing that made me laugh is the thought of Italians "lining up" to do anything, first of all, and secondly, going there with 25 of their friends expecting to get in when there's a "line" out the door. NEVER HAPPEN.

I'll be back late Sept-early Oct by the way!

Romerican said...

Miss Expatria,
Me & the posse will be eagerly awaiting your return! Did someone say picnic??

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, this post warmed my heart. after moving back to the States from Florence in January, this is one of the many irritating things about Italy I DO NOT MISS. well done.

J.Doe said...

Please ignore the anonymouses. This is your blog and you can write what you want.
Italy is a modern country with modern inconveniences and not an country where everyone has a villa in the country with their own olive tress alla 'Under a Tuscan Sun' Some people will continue to view Italy through rose colored glasses no matter what you say.

Project Manager said...

Not one soul asked if said tickets were ever a) obtained and b) leveraged for a crazy happiness benefit. Enquiring minds….or should I say mind?!

Romerican said...

Project manager:
Tickets were indeed obtained and how thankful I am! It was an amazing open-air screening of one of my all-time favorite Italian classics "Rocco e i suoi fratelli".