Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cupcakes in the 'hood!

While walking home all sweaty and grumpy after a miserable bus ride (is it just me or has the bus service been horrific for the past few days?) I happened upon this:

Cupcakes? American sweets? Just what I needed to lift my mood. I stepped inside and examined the cases:

They looked damn good to me! At 3 euros a pop, they ain't cheap but I was willing to take my chances. I'm saving them till after dinner, I'll let you know the verdict.
Or else, check it out for yourselves:
Franky & Paul
Via del Moro #8
Trastevere, Roma
you can "like" them on the Facebook (yes, I said "the Facebook", it amuses me).

UPDATE: I tried them all and am sad to report they were disappointing and rather bland. I couldn't tell the difference between the red velvet, carrot cake, and white chocolate. A few of them fell apart as I was taking off the wrapper, and as we all know, a cupcake should not crumble that easily. The frosting was flavorless too, just tasted like sugar. Very unimpressive. They need to tweak their recipes because as they stand now, they're mediocre (hence even more overpriced). Oh well...


gillian said...

i had the same excited then sad experience the other night. i can report the cheesecake is very good.

Tiffany Parks said...

Just found your blog! Am loving it and have added it to the blogroll of my newbie blog! After seven years here, I totally get the love-hate thing! It's nice to know I'm not alone. PS If you want good cupcakes I know where to get them!!

Romerican said...

@ Gillian- Good to know, I may give their cheesecake a try (though I myself also make a MEAN cheesecake!)

@ Tiffany- Welcome and GRAZIE! Where do you get your cupcake fix?? Do tell!

Erica said...

Your blog cracks me up. Cupcakes- try perfect bun.. Cheese cake- Alessandro at Due Fontane near theatre olimpico.