Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chicken parm??

As far as I'm concerned, it's official: Domenico of "That's Amore" is a fake Italian. 
How do I know? Well, on tonight's episode (Yes I admit it, I watched another episode. I'm a glutton for punishment!) he told his female suitors he was feeling homesick for his Italian mother's cooking, so their challenge was to cook her best dish: chicken parmigiana. 
Sorry buddy, Italians from Italy don't even know what chicken parmigiana is... that's Italian-American cuisine. 
Either he's a fake or the writers need to do more research on "Italian" cuisine!


Ms. Violetta said...

Sadly, I did watch a few episodes too. He does take his final two "bambinas'" to his hometown in Italy. However, he was unlike any Italian man I've ever met so perhaps it was just a "fake family"
Sometimes, I wonder why I watch these silly reality shows.

Romerican said...

Ahh, you saw the "going to Italy" episode? That's actually the one episode I wanted to watch but I'll have to wait a while since they just started airing this crap on Italian MTV.
I know, I'm a sucker for reality shows at times, it all started with the FIRST Real World many years ago.... I usually end up watching a few minutes and then getting fed up because there's only so much "reality" a girl can take ;)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Is it wrong for me to wish I had a TV so I could see the "going to Italy" episode. He seems suspect to me.

Like did he really sign off on all the offensive, cliche things they were doing? If he really is Italian I wonder what his family and friends. Or maybe he has no friends which is why he was on that Tequila reality show in the first place (which led to this "spin off".

Kataroma said...

"Bambinas" - what, is he a paedophile too?

Yeah, chicken parmesan is definitely NOT Italian. Either the script writers mucked up or the guy is a fake. Did he speak any Italian while supposedly visiting his family in their hometown?

Romerican said...

NYC/Caribbean ragazza- if you bring some swedish fish, I'll let you come over and watch it ;)

Kataroma- yeah that whole "bambina" thing totally creeped me out.

I think the going home to Italy episode will be aired here in 2 weeks...

Miss Expatria said...

holy effing ess, that trailer was so full of awesome i can't take it.

does he sound italian when he speaks? he doesn't strike me as it in the trailer.

and what is up with his fellini house?

clearly i have to see this show.