Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greasy hands

It's official: Bertolli olive oil brand has been sold to a Spanish company (as was Carapelli in 2004). Seems like Italy's hands are so greasy, they can't keep hold of anything these days, not even prized possessions like olive oil. Wow, what's Italy going to sell off next, the Colosseo?


Graziano said...

Spero non ci vendano anche le nostre mutande...te l'ho scritto in italiano perchè in inglese non saprei tradurlo...spero lo faccia tu.
Bye from Milan

Romerican said...

Ciao Graziano.
Mi sa che la maggior parte dei miei lettori parlano l’italiano, dunque capiranno il tuo commento!

Miss Expatria said...

This reminds me of how NY sold of the Chrysler building and the Flat Iron building earlier this year.