Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Is buying lottery tickets or scratch & win cards considered gambling? Is gambling considered a sin??
While I was playing some lucky numbers (or so I hope) at my neighborhood tabaccheria, I saw a priest buying a stack of Enalotto tickets and scratch & win cards... if only I had my camera with me!


Leanne in Italy said...

It is not sinful! I bought for the first time yesterday lotto tickets. I could not turn down the chance to win 83,000,000.00 - sadly I did not win but I am going to buy another ticket now that it has gone up to 84.5 million.

And I am sure the priest would have donated it to charity (his own personal charity to be sure...)

Romerican said...

I sure as hell didn't turn down the chance either but I was blown away when I saw the priest getting his lotto on...