Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best ottico

I love my neighborhood ottico, this shop is a model of efficiency and they are super nice, to boot. When you order lenses, glasses, etc., they take your name and cell phone number and when the product comes in, they send you a text message informing you. No need to waste time calling them, or passing by to see if your goods have arrived- they tell YOU. Seems basic but here in Rome, most stores/service providers seem to take pleasure in making you waste as much time as possible. So here's to my boys at Europtical on Via San Francesco di Ripa 154. Tel: 06-581 2091.


Anonymous said...

That's so... efficient! Wow! I never would have guessed that an Italian shop would have thought of something like that. I'm seriously bowled over.

Romerican said...

Right? And to top it all off, I suspect it's all automated... the shipment comes in, they scan it, and the computer automatically sends me a txt message. Now how AWESOME is that??