Thursday, May 19, 2011

we have a winner

After searching high & low, I have found a good gym in my neighborhood. Easy Fit Club on Viale Trastevere #205 has proved to be a winner!
Their website is a bit janky and the schedule online is wrong (check out the correct schedule below) BUT the gym is right in soooo many ways: good classes, good teachers, nice facility. My only complaint: the girls at the front desk need to back off a bit, I'm not a fan of people getting all up in my grill and trying to be overly-friendly. Take it down a notch ladies, we don't need to be BFFs.
For now, I've only signed up for one month (59 euros) because I need to make sure my erratic work schedule will actually allow me to go and take classes. They're also offering a summer special: if you sign up now you'll only pay 159 (or was it 149?) from now till September. Pretty sweet deal. Then the regular monthly rate is 60 euros but they only offer year memberships.

I haven't been to Italian gyms in a while so it's rather amusing to watch the locals: from inappropriate gym attire, to complaining/huffing about the difficulty of certain classes, to ridiculous fears of AC, Italians prove time and time again that they are not gym savvy, at all... This morning I was one of two people in class- the other person was also foreign. As the instructor himself pointed out, most Italians don't like waking up early and exercising so an 8:30 AM class is anything but crowded. All the better for me! It's like having a personal training session. Win-win for me!

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Middle Way said...

'Italians are not gym savy' is a correct statement for the most part. The one I go seems to be more of a social club than a place to keep fit. The old guys & gals walk around, pull or push on something nominal, and socialize amongst eachother A LOT.

That said..., my hat is off to spinners. Holy Smokes! Savy to say the least. Just their dresscode alone is impressive.

These Cats are sporting the latest Tour de France gear complete with sponsorship logos of all kinds. Their shoes that have pedal fasteners just like most cycling professionals! It's 'damn impressive' is what it is. Moreover, they're rarely off of the iPhones raising hell with someone slaving away in their respective offices and therefore demonstrating to us all the sacrifice they make by leaving the office in the name of fitness.

God bless'em all!