Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gym quest 2.0

Well now that my knee is out of service till further notice and I can't run, I figured it would be good to do some sort of low-impact exercise, so I decided to test out L'albero e la Mano. They offer "yogilates" (sounds like a smoothie, yummy!) and pilates mat work.
They don't offer a free trial class, it's 15€ for a single lesson or 70€ a month PLUS a 50€ initiation fee. Really pricey considering how tiny this place is and how limited the schedule is: there are no Saturday or Sunday classes, even Friday has slim pickings and they close in the summer. In any case, I decide to fork over the 15€ and give it a try.
Maybe it's just me, but if I'm doing an activity that is new to me, I need to see the instructor perform the movements and/or be given vocal cues so I can understand and follow along. In my experience, the instructor usually demonstrates and explains the movements and then if somebody is doing them wrong, they use the "hands-on" approach. Mr. Creepy Instructor seemed to prefer the "hands-on" method, moving me around as if he were my puppet master instead of explaining a single thing. Apart from making me slightly uncomfortable, it was also completely unhelpful and counterproductive. At one point, he was moving around my stiff limbs without uttering a word as to what he was trying to do so I just said to him "Maybe you could verbally explain what you're trying to make me do instead?". He seemed rather perturbed by this but I'd honestly had enough at that point and had no intention to continue being manhandled. Learn how to teach, buddy. If you can't show or explain the movements, then you need to find another job.
Apart from the creepy instructor, the class was lame. There were 4-5 of us, everyone showed up late and it all seemed so half-ass to me. No thanks, I'll pass. I may as well just buy a DVD and do these things at home.


rinaz said...

I hope that your knee gets better soon. It seems like weeks now.

And indeed, for that price, I think its much better to get an exercise dvd and do it at home. Moreoever with the weather that we're having right now, its a tad too uncomfy.

AGC94 said...

I recently discovered 'I Heart Rome?' Good stuff! You're funny. Kind of reminds me of the works of Tim Parks (lapsed anglo saxon in verona).

Anyway, I moved to Rome about 10 months ago after several years in Milan. I thought I had plenty to bitch about there, but Rome is surely another level.

Somehow, though, I do like it here. Or..., maybe I just like to bitch and this works great.

I hope you keep-up your posts. You really do show some talent and reflect what it's like to live here.


Saretta said...

Bummer about the knee. And the lame yogaliscious teacher! ;-) Keep looking around, maybe you'll find a better gym/instructor.

Romerican said...

Thanks AGC94! My blog is therapeutic for me :)

AGC94 said...

Ahhh... therapy. I need it.

Visitors come to see me (They want to see Rome. Not me ;) I accommodate them by accompanying them on their respective agendas...whatever. In spring I found myself being awful negative about this town to friends who were here trying to enjoy themselves here.

This fact really hit me while having a beer at that center round-a-about Villa Borghese. After the 12th screaming ambulance in less than an hour had driven-by, I guess I was pretty disgusted and it showed. My friend asked if 'all the injuries we're due to the traffic and accidence, or what's going on'? I took the opportunity to go into a tirade about the fact that there probably aren't any injuries, or illnesses in any of them there ambulances! I went on and on about that and whatever other abuses I witness on an hourly basis in Rome. When I came to my whits again, I noticed Sue just looking at me with some degree of concern. She either thought I was making all up, or I needed therapy.

Be looking for my blog.