Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm sure you've noticed that I often bitch & moan about Rome, but not today! Brace yourselves for a positive post:
This morning I woke up with burning tonsils the size of tennis balls (wait for it... the positive part is coming) and hurried over to the nearest pronto soccorso- which is now actually called "guardia medica". I walked in and was shocked to see nobody in the waiting room! Score. I filled out the form and was quickly sent in to see the doctor, who was nice, efficient, and thorough. She handed over a prescription for antibiotics for my tonsillitis (who gets tonsillitis in the summer?!?).

With prescription in hand, I walked to a pharmacy around the corner which I thought was open on Sundays only to discover it was closed (wait for it... the positive part is coming) BUT they had a very clear and concise list of the pharmacies that were open on Sunday. The best part is, not only did it list the pharmacies (which they've been doing for several years) but also reference points!! So if the pharmacy happens to be located on say Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, which is a fairly long street, you could look at the reference point and know where exactly it was. Since I don't have an iPhone (yet) this saved me from having to wander up and down Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to find the open pharmacy. Well done, Rome. Today I give you an A+++++


J.Doe said...

Tonsilitis is not fun no matter how efficient the healthcare may be, but congrats for getting the meds you needed so quick and hasslefree.
Hope you feel better soon.

::TajN:: said...

hahahaha! thank you for sharing :)

I found your blog randomly on google and enjoy your posts because they speak to my own experiences (which I think are pretty universal when one travels and gets used to a place). I think that international blogging should be about your thoughts and not just the good days.

Anyways, thanks and keep up with the posts! If I can make a request, can you write a post about Italian men--criticisms, thoughts, dating, fidelity etc...

Italian Postcards said...

I don't believe a word of this story. I think you dreamt the whole thing.

Hope your tonsilitis is better. That is, if you really had it ;)

Saretta said...

Can I just were lucky! or was a fluke! No, no, let's be positive and say, great, how nice for you! ;-)