Friday, June 8, 2012

"American breakfast"

We all know brunch has become rather trendy in Rome in the past few years, but recently a less impegnativo, less expensive version of it has been popping up in the neighborhood: "American breakfast".
A bar on Via Roma Libera started advertising the fact that they served bagels and scrambled eggs last year (though I've never worked up the nerve to try it or even inquire about the price) and just the other day I noticed that Mr. Clood had revamped its space AND has started serving "American breakfast" consisting of eggs, French toast, orange juice, etc. I'm very curious to test out not only their breakfast but also their quick and take-away lunch/dinner options. I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime, feel free to check it out yourself:
Mr. Clood
Via Luciano Manara 13
tel: 06 581 5186
American breakfast 9:00-11:00
Lunch 12:00- 15:30
Dinner 19:00- 22:00


Middle Way said...

Welcome back, Romerican! It's been so long that I though I'd have to take over the cause with my own 'I heart Rome too', or 'I heart Rome 2'.

Yeah. I work at the biggest American activity in town, and our dining facility just recently started offering the American Breakfast. You'd think someone would have thought of it earlier.

I can't say if it's all that cleaver, really. The mediterainian breakfast is so much healthier than our. The diet here is one of the better things these folks do, but I guess they'll have to screw that up too.

Romerican said...

Thanks! yeah, I've neglected my blog for too long. I'll try to be better about it :)
It's a clever business move for sure. A few eggs and a few slices of bread and voila: american breakfast for 10 euros... for something that cost 2 euros to make. Food trends!