Thursday, March 17, 2011

Close, but no cigar

I give ATAC props for installing these digital countdown clocks at some of the major bus stops... BUT (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) they still need to tweak the system a bit. I always dread reading "A Capolinea" (at the end of the line) beside a bus number because it gives you no indication at all of when the bus will in fact come by- it could be in 2 minutes, it could be in 20 minutes... I've waiting as long as 25 minutes. Not even my beloved iPhone 4 and its ATAC mobile app can save me because it feeds from the same source as these countdown clocks.
I know, I know, beggars can't be choosers but still, it would make life a tad easier to actually know how long the bus will sit at the end of the line (read: how long of a cigarette/coffee break the driver intends to take) so I can plan accordingly. Maybe I'll write to ATAC about this... cue hysterical laughter.


Christine said...

I'm imagining an ATAC employee trying to understand the point of your concern. It would be inconceivable to them, and they would probably gather around colleagues to parse over your words as if they were the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I'mma be in Rome for April, let's meet up!

Romerican said...

The Dead Sea Scrolls- you kill me!
Yeah, hit me up, I should be in Rome then. BRING IT.

rosann said...

I have to cut the drivers some slack because I could never drive those busses through the city. I love the new countdown signs and, except for a copolinea they're pretty accurate. Gotta take the time to enjoy the cigarette or paninni. Dolce far niente at its best!

rosann said...

A Copalinea is dolce far niente at its best. Gotta enjoy that cigarette or paninni. I wouldn't want to drive those big busses throughout the city, so I'll give them their extended breaks! lol