Monday, April 20, 2009

Told you so...

A month ago I wrote a post about AMA's new trash collection process and expressed my doubts that this new and "improved" system would actually work. Some of you might've thought I was being overly cynical but... I told you so! Damn, I should've bet money on this one!

Here's the deal: the garbage men now go door-to-door in my 'hood to collect specific kinds of trash on specific days (Tues, Thurs, Sat- organic waste; Wed & Sat- plastic, metal, glass; Tues & Fri- paper; Mon & Thur- regular trash). Anyone with a microscopic amount of common sense would ONLY put out the specific bags on the day they're supposed to be collected, right? Hell no, we're in Rome! Outside of my building this morning I spied all sorts of bags of trash (paper, bottles, etc) heaped next to the organic waste bin even though today was the pick-up day for regular trash only.

Instead of keeping the trash in their houses, people are just dropping it outside anyway which TOTALLY defeats the purpose because then the garbage men pick up all the bags- even if they contain the wrong trash. So in the end, this huge effort and investment to better the recycling habits of Italy is NOT working. Like I said, AMA should've spent some money on public service announcements because Italians are not quick learners. All the pretty bags and bins in the world are not going to make them pay attention to the "rules".
Conosco i miei polli!


Kataroma said...

So what happens if they come to your door and you're at work? Or is this for non-working people only?

All I can say is 'bloody typical'. I hate being this cynical - but, realy, Italian bureaucrats, as a rule, couldn't organise their way out of a wet paper bag...

My favourite Italian recycling/garbage moment was when on a boiling August day I came across an entire cardboard box full of festering chicken feet placed next to (not in) the big green garbage bin. Why????

Romerican said...

Well by door-to-door, I actually mean building-to-building. They don't come into the building, they just pick up the trash we leave outside of the portone... which in itself is a tad unhygienic!
Chicken feet?? Whoa.... no words!