Saturday, January 3, 2009

I heart MTA

Yeah, I know I already wrote about how much I love the NYC subway system but wait... there's more! You know what else I love?
1) That it's SO easy to buy tickets (metrocard)- no hunting down a newsstand or tabaccheria, or inserting coinage into broken machines, no hoping there's a ticket machine on board. Just go into any of the numerous subway stations, swipe a credit card and voilĂ !

2) AND if you have a Bank of America credit card, for every $100 you spend on metrocards, Metro North or LIRR tickets, you get $10 back! Sure, it's a modest amount but let's not forget that in America most credit cards ARE free and to boot, they give you rewards for spending money. So it's still free money :)

3) The subways actually wait at stations when other trains are about to pull in so if anyone needs to switch trains, they can do it quickly and easily! Seems like basic logic but for some reason in Rome bus drivers seem to do the opposite. If the 8 tram drivers sees the 3 bus, he speeds away leaving everyone in the dust. I never understood it and always wondered why they couldn't wait 30 seconds more. I guess they like making passengers suffer.


Brendan said...

As a long time Rome resident, now living in London for 1.5 years and travelling a lot for work, I am starting to see that what you mention is this post is more or less standard in most countries, except Italy. I used to compare Italy with the US, but in reality, the comparison should be Italy and the rest of the western world.

Anonymous said...

Try the L train during rush hour for a while... that'll get you off your MTA crush right quick.

Romerican said...

B: Very true, I guess once one gets used to sub-standard conditions, even the most basic of services seem like a luxury!

Miss E: Sorry dear, even the L train during rush hour is light years better than any bus/tram/metro in Rome. My MTA crush is still going strong!