Monday, August 18, 2008

New Italian rules

"Tourists beware: if it's fun, Italy has a law against it..."

Rai Due's response to this article (just now on the news) basically said: Many of these law and more exist in England and the Brits have no problem abiding by them, yet when they come to Italy they like being on their worst behavior.

Whoa- do I smell a cat fight??

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Anonymous said...

You know, the only really weird ones are the no sandcastles and the cops taking the beggars' money. All the rest sound like common sense to me.

Here in Montpel we have a church on a square (shocking, I know) and you can't sit more than 3 together after 9PM. That's because crazy dogs on a string people would sit there, drink their 40 cent beers, throw them all over the square, and terrorize people walking past.

Italy's logical in its own way. No cop is going to fine three old Brit biddies who are enjoying an evening chat after dinner on a bench.

And I have to say, I like the no-eating-on-the-Spanish-Steps thing. I just do.