Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You win some, you lose some

After raving about my recent discovery (online ticketing at the Warner Village movie theater), I've been slapped in the face with Roman reality again.
Despite the horrible reviews (and the fact that I swore I'd never pay to see it), I gave in last night and decided to go see Be Kind Rewind with my peeps- worse comes to worse, I'd stare at Mos Def for the entire time.
We read it would be playing in English at Alcazar on Monday (note: Alcazar usually shows films in VO on Mondays). We called in the morning to double check and the answering machine confirmed Monday was English day for this flick.
We buy our tickets, popcorn, etc, settle in to our lovely, plush, red velvet seats and the movie starts.... IN ITALIAN. Being the spaz that I am, I jump up and storm out to the lobby. The ticket seller explained that it was supposed to be in English, but the English reels were "taken away" that afternoon. WTF does that mean? Put up a sign if the movie is NOT going to be in English, change your answering machine message so that people don't waste time organizing for nothing. Seeing my crazed state, he offered to refund us our money. And just like that, movie night flopped and we all left... but at least we left with our 7 euros in hand.


Jessica_in_Rome said...

I think that was the universe telling you not to see the movie-lol

Romerican said...

Jessica- Hahha, you're probably right!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with Jessica. The reviews were not kind (no pun intended).

I haven't been to that theater yet. It sounds very nice.

red said...

ouch. how annoying. i did warn you the film was rubbish though- that's what you get for not heeding my advice...;-)

Leanne said...

I have never been to that cinema, but I have been meaning to as I heard it had films in English - however now I am not so sure...how annoying to be looking forward to it and then have it in the wrong language!

Romerican said...

NYC & leanne: The Alcazar is a great old-school movie theater, one of the few that still remains in Rome. As much as I love the stadium seating & surround sound of modern theater, there is something so fascinating about this place, it hasn't been renovated at all but it still looks classy and cozy. There used to be another great English language old school movie theater off of via del Corso called Quirinetta, but it closed down years ago.

Red: Touché, touché! =)