Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sweatin' it

Overheard today on a street near Largo Argentina:

Mother walking on pedestrian street with her two kids. One of the kids (probably 5-6 years old) starts running.

Mother (yelling at the top of her lungs): Gianni, non correre! Ma perché devi correre e sudarti tutto?

(Gianni, don't run! Why do you have to run and get all sweaty?)

Oh, oh, oh! I know the answer! Why does he have to run and get all sweaty? Because he's a KID, lady! Give him a break!


Kataroma said...

Arrgh! This kind of stuff drives me nuts. Now that I'm incinta I'm getting all kinds of well-meaning but weird pregnancy advice ie. don't eat chillis, don't eat raw veggies, wear multiple layers of clothing even when it's warm out etc. I'm definitely NOT looking forward to all the weird "advice" I'll probably get once the kid is actually born. Ie kids shouldn't ever sweat or run around but (rather confusingly) they should wear hats, scarves, singlets and huge down jackets when it's 18 degrees (about 70 F) out! And all those mini pasta cereals for babies at the supermarket and pureed freeze dried meat (??) that you're meant to feed your 6 month old. It's going to be us weird foreign parents against the world!

Romerican said...

I can only imagine how much nonsense you must be hearing!
The big question is- has it ever been medically proven that sweat can make you sick or kill you?????
Someone needs to tell the Italians that... ;)