Monday, November 12, 2007

I spy

The GS supermarket in Trastevere (on Via Tavolacci #1) now sells Oreo cookies, or as they say in Italian: biscotti snack al cacao! They're even reasonably priced compared to Castroni. Now I know where to go when I get my Oreo cravings... yum!


jennifer said...

Another great place for American junk food is Blockbuster videos... I used to take my kids there to get Oreos and gummy bears. They even had real jelly bellies!

Romerican said...

Yeah, I used to go there too until they closed down! I'm not sure if just the one in my 'hood went under or if all blockbusters in rome did.
we even had dunkin donuts for a few years in rome- ahhh, the fond memories (=

Anonymous said...

nope, I can confirm that the blockbuster in my neighborhood is still up and thriving (balduina) double parked all the time and night

Stelle in Italia said...

we've found them here too at the local super super market, even though for about six months the only place i could ever find them was at, of all places--Blockbusters. That's where I get my el paso mexican salsa too, for some reason. Long live Italian grocery store/video rentals!