Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm not a big fan of Italian TV but there is one show I enjoy watching when/if I have the time: Prova del Cuoco.

Today, one of the contestants was a foreigner! I'd never seen a foreigner on this show before and was rather excited to discover it was an American! As this American man, who's been in Italy for 6 years, talked a bit about himself and his life (he had a degree in languages, spoke something like 5 languages, had traveled to 43 countries, and had lived in Asia for a summer and in Switzerland for 4 years), the Italian chef looked around in disbelief and said "Is he 90 years old or something?" because to him it seemed impossible for someone to have done so much while still rather young.
And that my friends pretty much sums up one of the biggest cultural differences between Italians and Americans.


Anonymous said...

The one show without semi-naked ladies dancing around on set!

J.Doe said...

Did he win? I once saw a Brazilian lady on the show who cooked some Brazilian dish with bananas and meat. The ingredients she bought made it sound like it would be really, really tasty and good but I knew before she even put the stuff she bought in a pan that she would lose because her dish wasn't Italian, and Italians seem to only like Italian food.

Romerican said...

Yeah, they're usually suspicious of foreign food. Not sure if he won because I didn't manage to watch the end. I doubt it though!

jstele said...

What do you think explains this "cultural" difference?