Sunday, September 2, 2007

The million dollar/euro question

This morning I went to the local supermarket (which luckily is open on Sunday) and as I nonchalantly walked through the store I found my flip-flopped feet in a pile of dust, schmutz, and filth that the cleaning woman had swept into the center of the sales floor. I admit, I wasn’t paying attention but that's because I usually assume I can walk around a store without being as observant as I would be on the streets... I was proven wrong. Which leads me to the million dollar/euro question: Why the heck don’t they clean the store BEFORE it opens???
This is an Italian mystery I’ve been trying to solve for ages. How many of you have seen stores being cleaned in the beginning/middle of the working day? I’ve seen clothing stores open for business but with a clerk outside saying “Come back in 10 minutes when the floor is dry”. Gimme a break! I’ve seen cheese shops workers/owners step in front of clients peering at the goods in the glass case so they could wipe down said glass case for a good 10 minutes. I’ve gotten dirty looks and/or been shouted at by cleaning people in stores because I inadvertently walked on a floor that was wet (mind you, there was no “wet floor” sign).
Come on, I worked in stores in USA before, I know the drill. The cleaning people come in before the store opens so 1) the store is clean & shiny when customers arrive and 2) you don’t have a cleaning person sweeping and mopping while customers are trying to walk around and shop. So why can’t they do that here? It seems so logical and simple to me.

***While I’m at it, they also need to learn how to stock up on change and small bills BEFORE the store opens. That's rule #1 in how to run a business- big or small!


BlondebutBright said...

They do the same thing in supermarkets in the Netherlands. Instead of stocking the shelves after close or before opening, they do it in the evenings when the store is the busiest. I've almost been mowed over by large crates of beverages/snacks/etc. on several occasions. Why, why, why?!?

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

If they do this, then the least they could do is be apologetic! but noooooooooo...

ritu said...

Sigh much as i love the country, i still don't understand many things about Italy..
but as they say love is blind??

The Unrepentant Gallivanter said...

They do that where my husband works, too. The cleaners come in right when everyone is trying to get stuff done in the morning. That part where you said, "logical and simple"? That's your answer. Take the OPPOSITE of what is and that is what Southern Italians will do!

Miss Expatria said...

they never have change because they all hate going to the bank. i've gotten SO MANY things for free because of this. i've also had to buy extra shit just to get to the point where they have change.

i've never had the supermarket cleaning problem in any of my places in rome, but here in montpel they have the big ol' zamboni thing going during the evening rush, becuase the place closes at 8 and when they say closes, they mean LIGHTS OUT.

ok i'm going to stop commenting now, i haveta gota bed!