Thursday, October 30, 2014

New discovery in Trastevere

It's nice to see new places popping up in Trastevere... things had been stagnating here while neighborhoods like Monti and Pigneto were blowing up with all sorts of fun things. Needless to say, I was ever so jealous till now!
On my way to my favorite produce vendor in Trastevere, I spotted this tiny shop that I'd never seen before: Pasqualino.
He just opened this shop one month ago but had been at the Ettore Rolli market for years. It caught my attention because I spotted PECANS - both whole and shelled!! I stepped into his tiny shop and was amazed by the products, most of which are sold in bulk: black beans (from Mexico), dried spices, seeds (flax, sesame, you name it!), goji berries and all kinds of dried fruit and nuts, farro + lots of other grains, reasonably priced Italian whole wheat pasta, different kinds of pâté, sauces, dried olives, fresh porcini mushrooms, PAN masa harina, etc.
Bravo Pasqualino!

Via Portuense 96/E
cell: +39 339-244-1350 or +39 333-912-0732
(they'll be updating the website soon with new address and info)

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