Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pierogi heaven in Rome

I love me some pierogi. When I'm in the US of A, I can get them just about anywhere- from supermarkets to restaurants; when I'm in Rome... not as easy.
The other day I was having a fierce pierogi craving and decided to google it to see if, by chance, I'd find any stores in Rome that sold them. Lo and behold I found a sweet new Polish supermarket IN Trastevere! Could it get any better? Why yes it could! I went there and they had several different kinds of pre-made pierogi (vegetarian friendly options), the prices were very good (a giant container of sour cream for 1.80- take that Castroni! A package of 18 pierogi for 3.60), and the shop owner was quite possibly the nicest human being I've ever met.
I am thrilled to have found an awesome and convenient pierogi dealer in my 'hood.
If you're craving anything Eastern European (they even sell ceramics), go check this place out!
Sklep polski u Michala
Viale Trastevere, 233 

Mon-Sat 9-20
Sun 9-15

tel. 06 89567658 - 340 7248203

OH, and they have a website too! 


Natalie said...

Sour cream!!! What an amazing tip. Thanks!

Gillian said...

FABULOUS! Thanks so much for the tip!

Romerican said...

Ladies, I discovered they have buttermilk too (it's called maƛlanka)!