Friday, July 15, 2011

Price hike?

Apparently, ATAC is planning on raising prices for the public transportation system in Rome. While I understand the need for price hikes, I think ATAC has some nerve raising the price for the substandard service they provide. Before asking us to fork out more money, how about fixing up some of these issues, dear ATAC?
-Making sure all of your buses have AC that works
-Making sure buses run regularly
-Spacing out the buses. How many times have I seen three #3 buses appear within one minute (and manage to miss them all) and then have to wait 25 minutes for the next one?!
-Rethinking the placement of certain bus stops so that riders can easily switch from one line to another without having to sprint 100 meters!
-Improving the night bus schedule
-Making sure your bus tracker app works even past midnight
-Placing ticket machines on every bus
-Improving signage on streets and even in buses so riders know what stop is coming up and what route the bus takes

...shall I go on?


Natalie said...

Preach it!

Middle Way said...

Girl; you are funny [and right], but keep dreaming.

I think they'd do well to just provided the on-bus ticket machine on every bus, and keep their ticket checkers out the cafes. See and be seen, you know. Sales will sore[!], or at least close the overhead gap.

But Rome, being the high entropy entity that it is won't atempt to run the operation more efficiently, but rather just raise 0.25 on the guys/gals who bare the weight anyway [i.e., pay].

BUS BUNCHING: I thought it was just me who noticed--
I can never get over how weird it is when the same bus number designation end-up getting bunched together. I saw three (bus 84s) together last week. That was an extreme case. Normally it's two. Any hoo..., WTF? And the drivers act like it's just completely natural. you know..., not a big deal. They get to have their coffees together back at Piazza Venezia, and -ughh - what the problem is? Really though; what is the problem? I don't see Romans complaining. Nobody wants the angry bus driver.

Have you ever been on a bus that's driven by a Roman who woke on the wrong side of the bed? You haven't lived until you get on that ride.

Marcel said...

Would be a dream!

Did you ever took N1 from Termini dir. Anagnina at around 1AM? I even saw the bus driving completely full with open back doors! While the last time I took it I realized that the driver did not open the back door while it was impossible to reach the middle door from the back and people using the emergency handle and open and close the door manual which means the door can open anytime while the bus is driving. I wondering if that never lead to really bad accidents eg. people falling of the bus?

J.Doe said...

This post brings back sad memories in Florence of waiting 30 minutes for a bus that is scheduled to arrive every 10 minutes, only to have 3 show up at one time - and they were always filled.