Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy thoughts

If you're feeling overwhelmed, disgusted, and frustrated by Italian politics and the never-ending mud slinging which, if you ask me, is out of control (see above*), here's a happy thought for you, or for you Romans at least: Cinema Reale (Piazza Sidney Sonnino #7, Trastevere) is now showing films in V.O. So far they've shown "Animal Kingdom" and now "Everybody's fine" is playing. Yay!

*note: I am not defending Berlusconi in any way, shape, or form. I just think it's ridiculous and inappropriate for a political party to actually spend money on a poster of this sort. Gimme a fucking break, don't stoop to their level.

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AGC94 said...

I saw one this morning from the same campaign...

ROMA CAPITALE? It has a picture of a Vatican stature falling or something. I could really make out it's meaning. It meant nothing to me, but I'm sure it an insult to someone.