Saturday, July 10, 2010


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love summers in Rome. Summertime is high season for my line of work so I have to stick around till the bitter end. Yes, it may be unbearably hot & humid BUT the perk is that the Romans abandon the city in hordes. They run off to the sea, the mountains, to Sharm El-Sheikh and leave Rome ALL TO ME! I've already begun to see the first signs of this exodus and I'm giddy with excitement to take over the city.
In the meantime, there are some fantastic outdoor events. One in particular is FREE and in one of Rome's loveliest parks, Villa Borghese. I saw Amreeka (really great film) last night at Casa del Cinema and highly suggest you all go to at least one of their events this summer. If anything, just to enjoy the breeze, the fresh air, and a cold drink.


Saretta said...

I'll be in the area of Rome at the end of the month, but not Rome itself. Visiting family at Santa Marinella. They are some of those Romans who have fled the city and left it all for you, you, you! ;-)

Kataroma said...

I agree. We always stick around here in Central Rome throughout the whole summer and it's great. I hate the heat but love having the place to ourselves. It's especially great commuting during August - ahhh. I hate it when everyone comes back.

I don't get why people have this herd mentality about vacations. The beach resorts must be incredibly crowded and expensive during August.

Since we're in the tourist trade we take our vacations in December and January (ie low season). Lucky I'm Australian so if we go there to see family we also get a nice summer beach holiday.

Mickey said...

My family and I are coming in to Rome in August. I have to tell you I am a little scared. I am normally pretty brave but this first trip to Italy really has me nervous. Should I be ?

Romerican said...

Saretta- Many thanks to your family for leaving Rome to ME :)

Kataroma- I'm with you, off-season vacation. The best of the best.

Mickey- Scared? No reason to be at all. Come and enjoy.