Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I just discovered this wonderfully true and powerful documentary by an Italian woman which addresses how women are seen and used on Italian TV (and those of us who've had the misfortune of watching Italian TV know how disturbing it can be). The English translation is a bit sketchy but it's still very much worth watching. Please watch and tell others about it!



carrieitly said...

Thank you for this. I'll be reposting so my non-Italian friends can get a taste of the everyday ridiculousness we're subjected to here in Italy, and perhaps my Italian friends will get a small wake-up call. Though when it's what you've seen your entire life you're immune to it, one way or another. Things here never change.

Romerican said...

"Though when it's what you've seen your entire life you're immune to it"- VERY good point. That's the sad truth of it all. We foreigners tend to be outraged by it because we're not accustomed to seeing that level of trash on our TVs whereas lots (not all) Italians say "that's the way it's always been" so they accept it with nonchalance. Luckily there are some Italians, like the director of the documentary, who are fed up with it and want things to change.

krystle0819 said...

Just found your blog and I enjoy reading about your daily life in Italy. It's really interesting to hear about life in a foreign country for an expat. Thanks!

Kataroma said...

I love this doco and posted it on facebook. It's time that Italian women spoke out about this!

I feel sad that there are so few role models on TV for my daughter - and no I don't want her to grow up to be a velina!