Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer tirade

I'm back with a quick summer tirade, I know you missed my bitching & moaning so I'll get right to the point:

1) Just because movies are shown outdoors does NOT mean it's okay to talk all through the movie... no matter how bad it is!

2) Everyone and their mother was whining all year about being broke, not having money to go out to eat or even see a movie yet as soon as August rolls around they suddenly have money to go on vacation for several weeks... Maybe they all won the lottery? Lucky them...

3) Why does it seem like there are more junkies, crazies, and homeless people in the city now that the summer exodus has begun? The only people in line this afternoon at the grocery store were me, another foreigner, and 4 junkies (most of which were buying boxes of wine). Mind you, I still love August in Rome!

4) And last we have an old favorite. WHY WHY WHY don't Italians use better (or any) deodorant? It really is torture to be on public transportation with them during the summer. Maybe they should hand out sticks of deodorant instead of bottles of water at the metro stops?

Okay, back to work now. I have lots of good Italian film suggestions to post sooooon!


Emmina said...

It's true!! The weirdos come out of the woodwork in August here in Milan too!! Try taking a train journey - yuck! As for the deodorant issue, I've noticed it too. Surprisingly, even among the 'fighetti'. What's the deal??!!

J.Doe said...

Glad you are back! I remember my time in Florence riding the bus when old men in wool suits and no deodorant got on the bus and rode it to the end of the line. Who wears wool suits in over 100 degree weather anyway. YUCK. You have my sympathy.

em said...

i am sitting at my desk right now trying not to LOL and give away that I am not working on work. I can't wait to catch up on your blog! love your writing and your openness about your loves/hates of living in Italia. thanks for the laughs!

Romerican said...

Emmina- your guess is as good as mine. I'm glad (well, maybe that's not the right word) to know it's not just a southern thing though.

J.Doe- why thank you! I've been wicked busy with work these months, which is GREAT, so the blog got neglected and will probably continue being slightly neglected till October or so.

Em- WELCOME and thank you. I'm glad you appreciate my bitching & moaning :) I'm heading over to your blog now to check it out.

Nerys said...

True, true, true!! It's my first full summer in Italy, and to me it's still all amusing in a strange way! I must admit, I *do* like how the city's so deserted though :)