Friday, July 17, 2009

Mall tour

As always, I'll be spending my summer in Rome because it's high season for people in my line of work. And since I work freelance, I never really know if or when I'll have a day off.
This week I unexpectedly found myself with two non-consecutive days off, of course I didn't know they'd be days off till about 10:30 in the morning. So what did I do? I went to the mall (shut up, don't judge me!).
Yeah, I know it seems like a grotesque thing to do in a city that has so much to offer but I was feeling lazy, it was hot as hell, and I was curious to see if the sales were any better out of the center. If you're jonesing for some mall action, or if you just want to walk around in a place with serious AC, keep reading.

First up: Porta di Roma
As far as malls go, this one is good. Nice selection of stores (let's hear it for H&M), a variety of food (I heart WOK), and easy to reach. From Piazza Venezia take the 84 bus till the end of the line, then the 38 bus for a few stops (you'll be able to see the mall and pretty much everyone on the bus will be getting off there). There's also an Ikea and Decathlon attached to the mall.

Next: Parco Leonardo (warning: website is wicked annoying and not updated, some stores have closed down)
Wasn't crazy about this mall. Not many decent stores, bad mall food, but still rather easy to reach and cheap (1.30€ one way). Take the trenino from Stazione Trastevere in the direction of Fiumicino Airport, get off at Parco Leonardo- and bam, you're there!

Lastly: Euroma 2
To be honest, I haven't actually been to this one yet BUT it's next on my mall tour! My sources tell me it's nice and apparently it's Italy's largest mall. Also easy to reach. Take the B metro in the direction of Laurentina and get off at the EUR Palasport stop, from there take the mall shuttle bus.


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Kataroma said...

I go to Porta di Roma with my car-owning friend sometimes to go to H&M. This is great news taht I could go by public trasport. H&M is THE only place to buy kid's clothes (and normal clothes) in Rome IMO. Call me cheap but I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices they charge for baby clothes here only to have my girl grow out of them in around 10 minutes.