Monday, March 9, 2009

I heart NaturaSì

I am back in the Città Eterna, which is eternally chaotic... but I won't let that distract me from today's topic: NaturaSì. It's a fantastic health food supermarket with lots of vegetarian/vegan/organic products that are reasonably priced. There are other stores in my neighborhood that sell the same kinds of goods like Canestro on Via San Francesco a Ripa and Innocenzi on Via Natale del Grande, but they're more expensive and have less of a selection, so it's worth the bus ride to Via Oderisi da Gubbio (more on my first bus ride in Rome in 3+ months in the next post) to stock up on rice milk, tofu, and whatnot. They are also unbelievably friendly and helpful- LOVE them!

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em said...

amen sista. I was so stressed out about finding a health/Alt. foods store in Florence, and even when I described to people what I needed, no one seemed to know what I was talking about or to be able to help me! Someone finally told me about a store that had what I needed, but they didn't know the name. So husband and I walked the 4 km round trip our of cittadella not knowing what the store was called! That tacky green and yellow sign was hard to miss, and the walk was totally worth it!